School Resource Officer banner

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and Rockdale County Public Schools have partnered to implement the School Resource Unit which entails the assignment of law enforcement officers to the middle and high schools as they provide law enforcement expertise and resources to assist school staff in maintaining to ensure that no student’s right to receive an education is hindered by violence or disruption.

The SRO’s are involved in various functions aimed at identifying, preventing and solving issues that arise in day to day school activities. In addition, they must be highly visible by wearing a uniform that clearly identifies them as law enforcement and they are task with patrolling the interiors and exteriors of the school during the hours of high student interactions (i.e. lunch, before and after school) including extracurricular activities. He/she is also a resource for students and parents regarding law issues. School Resource Officers are also expected to handle other duties such as:

  • Calls for service and the coordination of law enforcement resources to the school.

  • Provide training for school administrators in law enforcement related matters.

  • Monitor the culture and social climate of their school in order to identify emerging gang activity.

  • Facilitate meetings as necessary for the purpose of exchanging information about crime trends or other areas of concern.

  • Work in conjunction with the principal in implementing plans and strategies to combat situations which may result in student unrest.

SRO’s are also responsible for providing instructional training to 5th and 6th graders through our C.H.A.M.P.S (deputies must be certified by the Georgia Sheriff’s Association) and GREAT programs.

SRO’s are not intended to act as a school disciplinary, that responsibility lies solely on school administrators unless they have determined that the situation is in direct violation of Georgia law.

Working to Prevent and Solve Issues in Schools