A Division Handling the Proper Storage of Evidence

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The Property & Evidence Section is a section within the Support Services Division. The section receives
and stores evidentiary, found, and safekeeping items for the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department
(RCSO). The section is responsible for returning items to the rightful owners when possible. Any items
that have not been picked up in a timely manner or are no longer needed by the courts are destroyed or
auctioned off, after a diligent search for the rightful owner.

Evidence Items:
Items with evidentiary value for criminal prosecution that are submitted to the Property & Evidence
Section will be held until after disposition by the courts for the criminal case for which it was collected. In
cases with multiple defendants, all items will be held until the last disposition is completed. The items
will be held for a total of 90 days after the final disposition by the courts. With some exceptions, after the
case has been disposed of and after all appeals are heard, property which was collected for evidentiary
purposes may be released to the rightful owner with permission of the prosecutor’s office in writing. The
Property and Evidence has the overall mission to accept, catalog, safeguard, store, produce as required,
return to legal owner, or otherwise legally dispose of all property coming into the custody of the Sheriff
of Rockdale County. As an evidence management system, most of the property managed by the Property
unit is evidence required for criminal cases. However, other categories of property include the
safekeeping of found property, decedent’s property, seized contraband, serological evidence, as well as
property confiscated for forfeiture proceedings.

Found Property/Items:
Periodically, officers with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department will respond to and collect “found
property” for which the owner cannot be located. Found property will be retained by the Property &
Evidence Section for a period of 90 days. During the 90-day period, found property may be released to
the rightful owner. All found property not collected after the 90-day hold is subject to court ordered
disposal pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia.

Safekeeping Items:
Safekeeping items are items held because the lawful owner is unable to temporarily maintain custody or is
unwilling to assume custody. All safekeeping items will require a written release from either the entering

officer/detective/agent or the courts. After the 90 days of being held, the safekeeping items will be
destroyed or auctioned pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia.

Location of the Property & Evidence Section:
We are in the Headquarters building of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department located at 911
Chambers Drive in Conyers, Georgia 30012.

Hours of Operation and Items Release Appointment:
Tuesday 8:00am-3:00pm & Thursday 8:00pm-4:00pm
Also, one Saturday out of the month from 9:00am-3:00pm.

Retrieval of items held by the Property and Evidence Section is by APPOINTMENTS ONLY.
Appointments are necessary due to the high volume of items being released and allows for release
approvals to be obtained before your arrival. This will reduce the overall wait time. Appointments must
be scheduled prior to picking up items. You can schedule either by calling the Property & Evidence
Section at phone number 770-278-8175 or by email at propertyandevidence@rockdalecountyga.gov
Please leave your name, phone number, case number, and a description of the item(s) in question.
Leaving an incomplete message or email will delay any possible response. Property & Evidence will
respond to your message within one complete (24 hours) business day.

What to bring to retrieve items?
Persons who wish to retrieve items that are in the custody of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department
must present themselves in person to the Property and Evidence Section and must furnish a valid
government issued photo identification card along with proof of ownership in the form of a bill of sale
prior to any property being returned. If you have no bill of sale, a Declaration of Ownership form will be
provided and signed by the owner.

Exceptions (Firearms)
Persons who have been convicted in any court of felony, or a qualifying misdemeanor crime of domestic
violence (MCDV) generally are prohibited under federal law from possessing any firearm or ammunition
in or affecting commerce (or shipping or transporting any firearm of ammunition in interstate or foreign
commerce, or receiving any such firearm or ammunition).

This prohibition also applies to federal, state, and local governmental employees in both their official and
private capacities. Violation of this prohibition is a federal offense punishable by up to ten years
Additionally pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia (O.C.G.A.) 17-5-51, any device which is used as a
weapon in the commission of any crime against any person or any attempt to commit any crime against
any person, any weapon the possession or carrying of which constitutes a crime or delinquent act, and any
weapon for which a person has been convicted of the crime of carrying a concealed weapon, as provided
for by Code Section 16-11-126, are declared to be contraband and are forfeited.

Firearms and weapons cannot be returned to persons who fall within these categories. A criminal
background check is mandatory for all persons who wish to retrieve a firearm from the Property &
Evidence Section.