Inmate Programs

We offer GED classes and educational assistance for those who wish to pursue this credential.

We have 12-step addiction recovery programs to assist with breaking the cycle of addiction.

We are offering a parenting program for men and women that is designed to assist them in
improving their parenting skills.
Chapel services are held weekly and attendance is voluntary.

We offer Reentry programming to provide an opportunity to develop skills and support for their reentry back into the community upon release. This includes the Rockdale Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RRSAT) and the Rockdale Reentry Prevention Intervention Program (RRIPP).
Rockdale Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RRSAT) is a 6-month certificate program that targets inmates incarcerated at the Rockdale County Jail who have a substance abuse problem and who commit and demonstrate a desire to stop using illicit drugs and alcohol.

Careful selection of inmates for participation in the program is critical for successful
reintegration into the community.
The RRSAT program includes substance abuse recovery education and counseling, support for persons having a mental health disorder, Parenting Skills, Anger Management, Trauma Recovery, Domestic Relations, Job Readiness, Money Management, Integrity Training, Relapse
Prevention, Character Development. Educational opportunities may include computer and keyboarding skills, food handler’s program, GED classes, health education and a self-guided study program. There is a physical fitness program and· Vocational skills training. Development and completion of a one-year aftercare plan to identify needs after release and assistance are used to connect with available resources to address needs that are identified.
Rockdale Reentry Prevention Intervention Program (RRIPP) provides recovery assistance beginning at booking, where individuals are screened for services. These self-reports are reviewed by Reentry Services staff and directed through the channels that best fit an individual’s needs. This may include motivational interviewing, residential recovery placement, emergency housing/shelter, veteran’s assistance, reunification, cognitive behavior education,
case management and other appropriate services.

Rehabilitation Programs We Offer in the Rockdale City Jail