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Sheriff’s Administration

The Sheriff’s Administration includes the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, the Chief of Staff, the Office of Professional Standards, the Administrative Services Unit, the Supply and Maintenance Unit, and assigned support and administrative staff.


Office of Professional Standards(OPS)
The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for the Technical Services Unit, the Internal Affairs and Recruitment Unit, and the Training Unit.

Technical Services Unit
The Technical Services Unit is responsible for vetting and supporting all technology solutions utilized by the Sheriff’s Office a well as serving as liaisons with Rockdale County’s information technology personnel.

Internal Affairs and Recruitment Unit
The Internal Affairs and Recruitment is responsible for the vetting and hiring of all personnel employed by the Sheriff’s Office. They are also responsible for investigating use of force, internal, and external complaints.

Training Unit
The training unit is responsible for coordinating training and re-certifying deputies.


Administrative Services Unit
The Administrative Services Unit is responsible for Certification and ComplianceHuman Resources, and Finance.


Supply and Maintenance Unit