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Civil and Warrants Division oversees the warrants and civil functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

Personnel assigned to the Warrants and Civil Unit are responsible for serving criminal warrants and civil papers and maintaining the Sheriff’s Office link with state and national crime information databases. Deputies assigned to this unit serve on task forces for sex offender registries, participate in regional warrant “round-ups”, and include a specialized fugitive investigator.

Warrant information cannot be given over the phone.  We can only advise if a person has a warrant in person and with identification.

The Warrants and Civil Unit operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Records Unit 

The RCSO Records Unit maintains all incident, accident and arrest records for incidents, accidents and arrests that occurred and were worked or conducted by a RCSO deputy.  The Records Unit maintains jailing information on individuals booked into the Rockdale County Jail.

To request a copy of any records maintained by the RCSO, please click here.

Civil Paper Fees:

  • Serving copy of process and returning original, per copy — $50.00
  • Action from another county, to be paid in advance — $50.00
  • Summoning each witness — $10.00
  • Each levy or writ of fieri facias — $50.00
  • Search and return of nulla bona — $20.00
  • Serving summons of garnishment or rule against garnishee — $50.00
  • Commission on sales property
    On sums of $50.00 or less – – 8%
    On access above $50.00 up to $550.00 — 6%
    For all sums exceeding $550.00, on excess — 6%
    No commissions shall be charged unless property is actually sold
  • Making out and executing titles to land — $50.00
    If presented by purchaser — $20.00
  • Executing bill of sale to personal property, when demanded by purchaser — $20.00
  • Forthcoming bonds — $13.00
  • Serving process against tenant over or intruder upon land to dispossess them — $25.00
  • For dispossessing tenant or intruder — $25.00
  • Taking and returning counter-affidavit when summary process to dispossess tenant or intruder is resisted — $13.00
  • Settling each execution in his or her hands, settled without sale — $20.00
  • Levying an attachment — $50.00
  • Collecting tax fi. fas. $100.00 or less, each — $10.00
  • Collecting tax fi. fas. over $100.00, each — $20.00

Criminal History Form Request

Download / Print Criminal History Request form:  criminal history form

  •  ALL fields must be completed
  • $10.00 — cash only (no debit cards or checks)
  • Picture ID required
  • Bring completed form and $10.00 to RCSO Administration Building   911 Chambers Drive