Captain Tijuana Harris is presently assigned to the Jail Division at the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office as Jail Commander. She previously served as the Administrative Lieutenant and Assistant Jail Commander. As Administrative Lieutenant, some responsibilities include overseeing the Food Services, Telecommunications Services and Inmate Healthcare Services contracts, assist with Jail budgets, coordination of US Census Bureau visits, investigations and reviews of Jail incidents, review/develop policies/procedures/post orders, coordinate inspections and searches just to name a few. This Administrative Lieutenant position has granted her the opportunity to assume the role of Interim Jail Commander/Assistant Jail Commander and continue the implementation of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office COVID-19 Jail Division Management Plan.

Lieutenant Harris began her law enforcement career in 1998 when she joined the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Deputy. She successfully completed her Basic Peace Officer Certification at the Fulton County Public Safety Training Center in 2001. She transferred to the Rockdale County Court Services Division in 2003 and worked as Superior Court bailiff until 2005 when she left her law enforcement career and relocated to Nashville Tennessee with her family. In 2007 when Lieutenant Harris returned to the Rockdale County community, she resumed her career with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and was assigned to the Jail Division Within six months of her return she received a lateral promotion to Jail Administration as the Bond Administrator and Ga Crime Information Center Terminal Agency Coordinator, overseeing all certified detention staff operators. She also monitored the professional bonding companies that operate within the county, to ensure their solvency and maintained these agreements until 2018.

In this role, Lieutenant Harris established relationships with Rockdale County Clerk of Court staff to monitor the Computerized Criminal Histories of all Rockdale County criminal offenders. Other responsibilities included:

• Managing the fingerprint processing services for criminal offenders, and civilian applicants to include Rockdale County Probate Court, Rockdale County employees and Rockdale County General Services applicants.

• Managing contract agreements for seven approved bonding companies, MorphoTrust Fingerprint Services and Relias Learning Management Systems.

• Public Relations Assistant to Chief of Staff.

• Deputy Relations Officer for jail staff.

• Planning Coordinator for special events.

• Recruitment Coordinator and Interview Panelist.

• Inmate Commissary Account Management.

• Public Information Officer.

While embracing these new responsibilities she was promoted to Corporal in 2013 and Sergeant in 2017 by Sheriff Eric J. Levett. In April 2018, she was transferred to the Office of Professional Standards. This division is responsible for Recruitment, Background Investigations, Hiring, Citizen Complaints, Use of Force Investigations as well as Internal Affairs Investigations. She is also the Public Information Officer where she conducts interviews with the media to report events and occurrences for transparent communication with the public. This position transferred her into an entirely different role, involving close contact with sensitive personnel issues, policy research/revisions and complete disclosure of sensitive personnel investigations of policy violations. In December 2018, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and transferred to the Jail Division as Shift Commander. This role involved managing day to day jail operations with more than twenty subordinates and an inmate population of over 400. Lieutenant Harris embraced this responsibility and received another promotion as Jail Administrative Lieutenant in February 2020.

Rockdale County Jail is an adult pre-trial detention center that focuses on safely housing inmates and performing the mandated services of the Office of Sheriff with the highest level of safety, professionalism and integrity.

Lieutenant Harris has earned certifications for Jail Officer, Intermediate Peace Officer, Managerial, Supervisory, and General Instructor through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (GA P.O.S.T.). Other certifications include Professional Management Program through Columbus State University where she also majored in Criminal Justice and earned her Bachelor of Science degree. Lieutenant Harris is passionate about all people, law enforcement, and the vision and mission of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. During her tenure, Lieutenant Harris has enjoyed spending quality time at numerous community events and has served as a member of the Rockdale County Mentoring Program. Lieutenant Harris enjoys singing, gift wrapping, spending time with her family, feeding the hungry and enjoying worship events with her church.