The Support Services Bureau oversees the logistics and technology functions of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, this bureau acts as a liaison to the Rockdale Emergency Management Agency.


The Logistics Unit is responsible for maintaining, tracking and issuing all RCSO equipment, including uniforms, vehicles and accessories.

The Logistics Unit also oversees building and grounds maintenance and inmate work details. Each inmate work detail is comprised of one deputy sheriff and six to ten inmate workers.  The inmate work details perform approximately 25,000 hours of work throughout the county each year, on tasks such as mowing rights of way, litter pick up, and general maintenance at the Sheriff’s Office.

Technology Section

The Support Services Bureau is responsible for serving as a liaison with the Rockdale County’s information technology personnel.  Additionally, deputies assigned to this bureau help maintain the RCSO technological systems, including mobile data networks and mobile digital video equipment.