The Administrative Services Bureau(ASB) is responsible for the internal affairs component and the training component of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.  The ASB is also responsible for the oversight of the hiring/selection process.  The below personnel are assigned to the ASB:

Rank and Name



E-Mail Address

Lieutenant Andrew Arnold

Bureau Commander

Sergeant Jeremy Mote

Training Coordinator

Sergeant Chris Lee

Internal Affairs Investigations

The ASB Commander reports directly to the Sheriff.

Hiring/Selection Process

The ASB staff coordinates all phases of the hiring/selection process for the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.  Persons interested in applying for any vacant position with the RCSO are asked to first submit an online application at the Rockdale County website.

Once an online application is submitted, ASB staff will receive the application electronically and begin evaluating the most qualified applicants for employment.  Persons applying for vacant / open positions within the RCSO are asked to utilize the following link to read and completely understand all phases of the hiring process: RCSO Hiring and Selection Policy

To download and / or view the RCSO Applicant Processing Booklet, please click RCSO Background Packet

Internal Affairs Component

Citizen complaints and requests for commendation are received by the ASB and either investigated by ASB Investigators directly or assigned to a Bureau Commander to investigate.  It is the policy of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office to thoroughly investigate all complaints of alleged employee misconduct and also incidents where a request for commendation has been received.  The ASB staff thoroughly investigates incidents and determines if allegations are founded or not-founded. The ASB Commander reports said findings directly to the Chief Deputy and / or the Sheriff at the conclusion of each investigation.

The Administrative Services Bureau, Internal Affairs Unit, strives to:

  • Investigate all allegations filed against an employee of the RCSO, while protecting the reputation of individual employees, the agency and the public from false or misleading allegations
  • Conduct all investigations in a thorough and timely manner
  • Provide a conclusion update to the citizen upon said investigation being closed

Any person who wishes to file a citizen complaint or a request for commendation may do so via the following methods:

Anonymous complaints are accepted.

Persons that wish to file a Citizen Complaint Form with the OPS are asked to complete a Citizen Complaint Form.  The Citizen Complaint

Form may be retrieved in person at any RCSO building, or by using the above links.

Persons should submit completed Citizen Complaint Forms or requests for commendation directly to the ASB.  Completed and signed forms may be:

  • Delivered in person
  • Scanned and sent an ASB staff member via e-mail
  • Mailed via U.S. Mail.

Training Component

The ASB is vested with the responsibility of coordinating training for all bureaus of the RCSO.  The Training Coordinator schedules training for all deputies and coordinates training classes to be hosted by the RCSO.  The OPS Training Coordinator is also responsible for the oversight and scheduling of the RCSO Gun Range.

For more information about the training component of the RCSO, please contact Sergeant Jeremy Mote,

Request to Inspect Public Records 

To submit a request to inspect or copy public records maintained by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, submit a Request to Inspect Public Records form.  To obtain copies of documents, contact the Records Unit.  Records personnel can email most reports at no cost to the requester for for a nominal fee.

To submit a request to inspect or copy public records maintained by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, submit a Request to Inspect Public Records form to the Records Custodian.

Records Custodian: Deputy Lafontaine
Telephone: 770-278-8000
Facsimile: 770-785-2494
Email Request:
Mail or In-Person Request: 911 Chambers Drive, Conyers, Georgia 30012

Request to Inspect Public Records forms are available at the Sheriff’s Office.  To print a Request to Inspect Public Records Form, click here ORR0113.

A Statement of Need is required by anyone requesting a Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Report, who is not named in the report.  The Statement of Need must be completed and returned to the Records Office before a Motor Vehicle Accident Report will be released to any person/entity not named in the report.